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Daily Updates

'Taking all reasonable steps' to advise an executor of a will in your custody means manually reading every notice published in newspapers and court registries around Australia, every day. A hugely time consuming and costly burden...

The risk of not taking these steps is well known, as is the decision in Hawkins vs Clayton, where a solicitor was found guilty of negligence for not fulfiling this
duty of care.

Remove your administrative burden at a stroke...

What if you could get every published death notice from court registries and every major newspaper around Australia, in a single email every day?

  • No more manual searching of newsprint
  • Reduce the risk of missing an important notice
  • Complete the task in a fraction of the time
  • Reduce your business administration costs

Using tried and tested proprietary processes, WillPoint gathers together notices published around Australia, every single day.

This data is then compiled in a single, clearly organised email and sent daily to all of our subscribers.

Signing up takes less than five minutes, and you wll be receiving our Daily Updates with immediate effect. Our daily update service makes such light work of this arduous task, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it...

Automatch Services

A step up from the Daily Update, WillPoint’s Automatch services will compare the Daily Update death notices to your will database and notify you of all matches. This is the must-have will notification service that generations of succession professionals have been waiting for.

WillPoint's Automatch services will inform you when a matching notice has been published for a will that's registered as being in your custody, or for which you have nominated yourself as a contact who knows its whereabouts. Additionally, you will receive notification of any matching searches conducted at WillPoint.

Tailor the service to your disclosure requirements:

  • Automatch Standard
    WillPoint’s Locator Service advises searchers of the existence of matching wills. The searcher's details are provided to you to contact, or authorise the release of your contact details.

  • Automatch Select
    Existence of all wills is withheld from public search for a higher level of confidentiality. Details of matching searches are advised to you only.

Automatch has become extremely popular with will custodians and trusted
advisers who want to be certain of fulfilling their duty of care whilst reducing administration costs.

To take advantage of this service, just sign up and select your Automatch option.

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