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About WillPoint

The lack of a national will registry in Australia has resulted in uncertainty and expense for individuals trying to track down the will of a loved one, and made life complicated for succession lawyers who are burdened with a host of administrative and duty of care obligations.

Enter WillPoint - by using innovative technology and new methods, there is now a central database for the registration of wills. This is accompanied by a range of associated notification services to alert custodians and lawyers to published legal notices and will searches at the WillPoint database.

Fast and cost effective

WillPoint significantly reduces the time and administration cost incurred by lawyers and custodians of wills in fulfilling their duty of care.

There's also no need for next-of-kin to pay huge advertising costs to try and locate the will of a loved one via traditional methods.

With a huge database of registered wills, locating the last will and testament of an individual can now be completed online in just a few minutes.

Explore our website to learn more about our will registration service, updates and notifications for custodians, or cut to the chase and search for a will now. And when you're ready to start making the most of WillPoint's services, you can sign up here...