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Will Locator Services

Attempting to locate a person's last will and testament is a fundamental responsibility in the administration of their estate. Yet, this can be easier said than done...

Searching for the last will of a deceased person can be one of the most time consuming and expensive actions in the process of estate administration.

There is no central will registry in Australia. For executors seeking to locate a will or confirm that the will they hold is the most up-to-date, WillPoint’s Will Locator Services offer a simple and time saving solution.

WillPoint locates Wills in three unique ways:

  1. A search of WillPoint’s open database.
    WillPoint's secure database contains the locations of thousands of wills around Australia which have been registered here by law firms and custodians. Some of those custodians allow us to immediately advise you of the existence of possible matches by using our free quick search facility.

  2. A search of WillPoint’s closed database.
    Not all custodians want to publicly reveal the existence of will search matches. The details of these wills and their custodians are held in our closed database. WillPoint contacts all subscribing will custodians and advisers around Australia to notify them of your search and advise them of any wills they hold that potentially match your search.

  3. Advertisement to Daily Update Subscribers.
    Sent to more than 2,500 subscribed will custodians every day, the WillPoint Daily Update is a compilation of death notices from around Australia. Advertisement in the Daily Update is the most effective way to bring your search straight to the attention of thousands of safe custody officers.

These three actions make our Will Locator Services the most targeted and cost-effective option for locating Wills in Australia.

If you are searching for a will, begin with a search of our open database.
If no matches are found, you will then have the option to use our other will locator services.