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Financial Advisors

If you're acting as a will custodian for your clients, then you already know how much time and effort is expended fulfilling your duty of care...

Even if you're not a custodian, and you simply advise your clients on the drafting of wills, your responsibility may also extend to ensuring those wills can be located at the appropriate time - otherwise the bequests of your clients may come to nothing.

How does WillPoint help?

WillPoint can help financial advisors in two ways:

Our will registration service enables you to submit the details and location of your clients' wills so that the custodian of the will is notified on the death of the willmaker. You can even update these registrations if your clients make changes to their wishes at a later date. This ensures the latest edition of the will can be found immediately, at the appropriate time.

Our probate notification service informs you when a search is conducted for a will you are responsible for, and will also send you notice upon the death of the willmaker.

  • Will registration
    Create a streamlined connection with authorised executors searching for a deceased’s will. Learn more...

  • Automatching
    Notification to your company of death notices that may relate to wills held in your safe custody. Learn more...

What to do next

All you need to do to start using WillPoint's services is sign up - the whole process takes less than five minutes. You can select to use the notification service, the will registration service, or both.

Once you've done that, you 'll start receiving appropriate notifications immediately, and you can also register the details of any wills that are in your care.

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