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Wills and Charities

Will bequests to charitable institutions are more popular today than ever before. Unfortunately, these funds often never make it to the willmaker’s intended recipient...

Why? Because charities are often completely unaware of the willmaker’s intentions, and because in the event of a dispute, the law places the claims of charities behind those of unhappy family members.

How does WillPoint help?

WillPoint encourages all willmakers to make clear their charitable bequests at the time of registration.

By signing up to WillPoint’s notification service, your charity is immediately informed when, on the death of the willmaker, a will contains a bequest to your organisation.

Being aware of the bequest enables you to contact the custodian and assert your organisation's entitlements at the outset. It may also help you to demonstrate and maintain your connection with the giver throughout their life and offer additional security in the event that the bequest is disputed.

Time saving services for charities

Our experience with charitable organisations is that the administrative effort and expense of holding wills and protecting their bequests takes vital resources away from front-line activities.

WillPoint provides the following services for charitable organisations
at reduced rates:

  • Daily updates
    Published death notices from all over Australia sent to you in a daily email. This eliminates the administrative burden of fulfilling your obligations as will custodians. Learn more...

  • Automatching
    Notification to your charity of published death notices that match wills gifting to your organisation, or which are held in your safe custody. Learn more...

  • Will registration
    Create a streamlined connection with gifting willmakers who record their charitable intentions. Learn more...

WillPoint is a significant innovation for charitable organisations that hold wills or are serious about fundraising via bequests.

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