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You and your will

If your will can't be found at the appropriate time, it could cost thousands in legal fees and advertising costs to track it down. If your latest will isn't discovered, an earlier version may be administered by mistake.

If it can't be found at all, it will be up to state or territory law to decide how to allocate your assets and estate - anything could happen!

How does WillPoint help?

WillPoint is the largest secure online will location service in Australia. Registering your will here will enable your executors to quickly locate your most up to date documents, just by searching our database.

There can be no question over the latest version of your will, because if you change your will later on, you simply record the new details here at WillPoint.

Registering at WillPoint will not only make sure your loved ones receive your assets and estate according to your wishes, but if you leave a bequest to charity, we notify them directly so they can get in contact with your executor.

How does will registration work?

The first thing you need to do is lodge your will with a custodian, such as a law firm or an online custody service such as

Next, register your will at WillPoint - the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. We will partner with your chosen custodian to make sure details of your will are only released to the right person in the right circumstances.

Once you've lodged a will at WillPoint, you can log in at any time in the future to register updated versions.

WillPoint really is the simplest and most certain way to ensure the most up-to-date version of your will can be found at the right time.

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